Below is a small sampling of the comments we have received from our travelers over the years.  We take great pride in making each trip fun and memorable.  If you would like to share your comments about a Tour, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

"I had a fantastic time on the recently completed West Coast Swing. Our hosts, Dan and California Steve, were excellent, making sure everything ran smoothly. Steve, being a native Californian, was able to provide insights into not just the ballparks and cities we visited, but also about the many areas in between. And it was great talking baseball with Dan. Not only did I get to see some exciting games at some great ballparks, it was wonderful spending time with my fellow travelers. We all love baseball and it was awesome discussing this great game with them. It was a blast from beginning to end, just a great experience. I would highly recommend this to any and all baseball fans!"

- Dave Gerstein

"One of the most memorable trips I have taken, and well guided.  Diamond Dan made traveling easy and not only showed us great baseball but was helpful to any additional sightseeing as well.  The atmosphere was friendly and the experience with my Dad and good friend was hands down a trip of a lifetime.  I would recommend going with Dan if you want a truly memorable experience.  Thanks again DBT for the memories and experience and will see you in a few years for the next one."

- Gabe Azevedo

"Diamond Baseball Tours offered a quality tour at an affordable price.  It was touring where history was made and where history is made every day.  Whether you are an experienced baseball fan or a novice, you will enjoy a tour by DBT."

- Clyde & Judy Long
Knoxville, Tennessee

"Diamond Baseball Tours provides worry free travel that allows you to focus on baseball and the awesome stadium experiences.  Dan makes every effort to accommodate the needs of the group so they can share their love of the game."

- Bob Byrd
Corpus Christi, Texas

"Every baseball fan or family should take at leasts one of the Diamond Baseball Tours.  It is a great, great baseball experience professionally organized and full of extras.  In addition to the games, the Tour offers the opportunity to explore stadiums and get to know America's cities and its people.  Dan, thank you and your fantastic team for a vacation my wife and I will never forget."

- Vaughn & Catherine Pogan
Riverside, California

"Don't miss the opportunity to visit the ballparks you have only dreamed of.  I have and look forward to seeing them all again with DBT.  The absolute best value in baseball tour travel."

- Jonas Menapace
Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania

"We take a baseball vacation almost every year, and this is the best one yet.  Traveling with other great baseball fans and not having to worry about directions, tickets and reservations is the only way to go."

- Tad & Susan Ludes
Ventura, California

"The camaraderie of the group was fun.  Our leader, Dan, is friendly and accommodating to all."

- Mick & Gail Franssen
San Leandro, California

"Really had a great time and enjoyed every city and ballpark.  You planned the weather perfectly."

- Doug Johnson
Petaluma, California

"I would highly recommend Diamond Baseball Tours to anyone who loves baseball.  It was first rate.  A home run!"

- Dave & Jeff Mulholland
Steeleville, Illinois

"If you want a great time go with Diamond Baseball Tours."

- Paul & Mary Ellen Bohart
Cincinnati, Ohio

"Thank you for an outstanding trip to all those beautiful stadiums and cities.  You brought together a special group of people with your generosity, kindness and leadership.  What a blast we had!"

- Billy Sklar
Cleveland, Ohio

"If you are a baseball fan this is a must trip for you.  The tour guide and the other fans are excellent.  For people of all ages, come see a piece of history."

- Brian Cornette
Pikeville, Kentucky

"I really enjoyed the experience.  Well planned.  I'd be ready to go again - can we leave tomorrow.  Great - for the serious baseball fan...many parks, may tales, great fun."

- Ed & July Wolff
Cleveland, Ohio

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